Written by: Shirley Martin. www.tidylifetoday.com. info@tidylifetoday.com

Practical Ways to Revamp a Luxury Condo to Suit Your Lifestyle

If you’re looking to give your condo a new lease on life, there are steps you can take to personalize a space without making major renovations. When making changes, consider your goals as well as the context. For example, if you live in a waterfront high-rise, you want to adapt to the surroundings.

Below, learn about the different ways you can change your space to meet various objectives.

You want to concentrate on work in a home office

If you work from home, you need a space that maximizes concentration and productivity. Start by investing in good office furniture, like an ergonomic chair with lumbar support that encourages good posture. It's hard to focus if you're dealing with aches and pains. Next, incorporate some bright colors, like orange, to keep you alert. Finally, you can also boost concentration by adding plants to the space. They're shown to reduce stress in workplaces.

You want to entertain guests more frequently

If you want to have guests over, create a fitting entertainment space. Start by establishing an eating and dining zone. For example, you can use throw rugs to delineate a dining area if you have an open-plan living space. Other tips for creating a great space for guests include setting up a home bar with a rolling bar cart and adding more seating options.

You want to spend more time relaxing in a quiet zone

Your home is your sanctuary. If you're feeling stressed lately, find ways to make it a more soothing space. My Move has tips for ramping up the relaxation factor, such as painting the walls a calming color and adding aromatic flowers and white candles. Also, make sure to get rid of clutter, which can cause anxiety. Finally, block out stressful distractions like honking cars and barking dogs with a white noise machine.

You want to ramp up your culinary skills in the kitchen

If you're interested in getting more active in the kitchen, you want to create the right atmosphere. Homes To Love explains how to enhance your cooking space without paying too much. For example, you don't have to change your entire kitchen layout. Instead, add an island to create more usable surface space. Other useful steps include painting, upcycling existing furniture, and giving your cabinets a makeover.

You want to get fit at home

Going to and from a gym to work out can get tedious. You can solve the issue with a home gym. That doesn't mean you have to pay big bucks to remodel an entire room. If you have some free space, like a garage, all you need is basic equipment. You can get a squat rack, Olympic barbell, and weight plates if you want to build muscle. For cardio, get a jump rope. High-intensity interval exercises are also a great way to break a sweat without equipment.

Whatever your goals, consider enlisting the help of a professional

If you're having trouble revamping your space on your own, an interior designer can help. These professionals conceptualize design plans, figure out how to make the most of a space, and pick furniture, materials, and accessories to realize the client's vision. This should work regardless of your goals, allowing you to benefit from an expert opinion.

Making a space your own doesn't have to require extreme measures. Whether you want to create the perfect home office or revamp your kitchen, the above guide has ideas to help.